Executive Spotlight – Thomas J. Gryp

Posted on Jan 29, 2021

Thomas J. Gryp

Q: What led you to the credit union sector and to Notre Dame Federal Credit Union?
A: Prior to joining Notre Dame FCU, I spent most of my career in the community bank and financial services sector. Through those experiences, I gained an extensive education in how to look objectively at financial solutions through the eyes of my clients. This “outside-in” perspective provided invaluable throughout my career. My job at Notre Dame FCU brought me back to my hometown and gave me the opportunity to put these skills to work helping a community that I care for deeply.

Q: How do you lead an engaged team? 
A: I am always brimming with ideas on how to expand our services and bring new value to our members. However, an organization can only evolve as fast as its people. So, we had to craft a culture of “urgent innovation” that permeates the entire organization. We needed to create a spirit of entrepreneurship that understood that failure is nothing more than a steppingstore to success. Led by our executive team working across the silos, experimentation and innovation are a daily occurrence. That mindset, coupled with a fundamental desire to “fail quickly” in order to create innovative and nontraidition solutions, has successfully propelled Notre Dame FCU at a breathtaking pace over the past seven years. A CEO can articulate the vision, but long-term success can only be achieved by the entire organization embranching and living that vision.

Q: What Notre Dame accomplishments regarding trends or technology are you most excited about?
A: There have been so many advancements over the past several years…

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Community Jan 29, 2021

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