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Upgrade Your Life with a HELOC

Unlock your home's equity to pay for major expenses. A home equity line of credit (HELOC) is a low-cost way to pay for major expenses - home improvements, debt consolidation, college tuition or even a wedding. This loan uses your home as collateral so you're able to borrow money at a rate that's lower than almost any other type of loan.

  • 30-Year Term

    With A HELOC, your credit line is available to use for 10 years. At the end of your draw period, your balance is frozen. Your repayment is spread out over 20 years for low monthly payments.

  • Unlock Your Home’s Equity

    Access funds from the equity in your home at a lower rate than other financing options available to you to consolidate debt, pursue home renovation projects, and more!

  • No Extra Expenses

    Unlike other loans, there are no closing costs* or origination fees. Now, it’s easier than ever to borrow what you need and pay it back over time. A free home appraisal is all you need to get started.

Notre Dame FCU was knowledgeable and answered any questions I had in a thorough and friendly manner. I was continuously wowed by their exceptional, expedient, and friendly customer service. What an amazing experience, thank you!

STACY, Member-Owner since 1991

Find the Loan That's Right For You

  • Home Equity Line-of-Credit (HELOC)

    Access the equity in your home at any time. Use whatever you need, when you need it. No need to apply for a new loan every time you need money.

    30-Year Draw | Low Intro Rate | Zero Out-of-Pocket Expenses*

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  • Equifast Home Equity Loan

    If you have one specific need in mind, an Equifast Home Equity Loan is a great option. Instead of a line-of-credit, you receive your money upfront in a lump sum. Repay over a 20-year term with a low, fixed rate.

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Enrich Your Life

You've built equity in your home. Now, you can use it to fund your hopes, wants and dreams.

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  • Consolidate High-Interest Debt
  • Finance a New Business Venture
  • Make Home Improvements
  • Create an Emergency Fund
  • Pay for Tuition or College Expenses
  • What Would You Do?

Last year, we obtained a home equity loan to help us purchase a second home in Florida. We had such a positive experience each time. If we have a future need, we'll come back to this winning group.

CHARLES, Member-Owner since 2017

Find the Loan That's Right For You

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