Winter 2022 Newsletter

Posted on Jan 18, 2022

Dear Fellow Owners,

Happy 2022! I hope you enjoyed a joyful Christmas season. As we begin this new year, I am happy to report, we gave back nearly $2 Million to you and our communities in 2021, while at the same time saving you over $5 Million in monthly payments.

Keeping our core philosophy in mind—people are always more important than profit—we have made the decision to reduce our non-sufficient fund/overdraft fee from $32 to $27. Remember, you can avoid this $27 charge altogether by taking the proactive step of linking your checking account to either your savings account, credit card or HELOC. By doing so, funds will automatically sweep from the linked account to cover your overdraft. With this preemptive strategy you’ll save $24 in fees, only incurring an automatic transfer charge of $3.

I also wanted to share we have once again increased our minimum wage, this time to $17/hour. You should be very proud to know that while many financial institutions pay their employees “what they must”, we strive to pay our partners “what we can”. This is a fundamentally different philosophy which recognizes our partners as a critically-important stakeholder group. Providing all our partners with not only a living wage but also a positive work environment is not only the right thing to do, but also very good business. I only wish other financial institutions, especially credit unions, would understand this truth and do the same for their least paid staff as well.

As I mentioned in our last newsletter, continue to keep an eye out for even more exciting news throughout 2022. Look for the roll-out of a brand new and streamlined website, and the potential for new locations and even entries into new financial service areas. Stay tuned!

Remember, as a financial cooperative, the only reason we exist is to provide you better products and services than what you would get at a bank. With them you are a number. With us, you are an owner, so if we are not giving you what you need, please tell me. I can’t fix or improve something I know nothing about!

Thanks again for being part of our credit union family and best wishes for a wonderful 2022.

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News Jan 18, 2022

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