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Posted on Jun 28, 2021

You own a business, or maybe even lead a Non-Profit Organization. You connect with the community around you to understand how to best meet the needs of those you serve. You then entrust a bank/credit union with your earnings, open an account and go about your business (literally). But have you ever asked yourself…are they a partner?


Notre Dame FCU believes a partner relationship is defined as investing in each other’s missions to help reach mutual goals. We are a mission-based organization, and with this, we view our business and non-profit members as partners, not as their vendor. We believe that we succeed when you succeed.

“We succeed when you succeed!”

Consequently, we enable the success for organizations through liberation from: fee gimmicks, above all.


Through this mindset, let’s dive in to what sets us apart. First, we keep it simple: At Notre Dame FCU, Business and Non-Profit Accounts are not subject to the dreaded “analysis fees” (often charged by our competitors). Second, we continue the simplicity through no monthly maintenance fees, no minimum balance fees and no transaction limits. This differentiates us—it is simply good business to NOT nickel and dime our Business and Non-Profit Members! Because we understand that as you grow, we grow…a true win-win!


The partnership does not end there. Notre Dame FCU actively GIVES BACK to the communities we have the pleasure of serving. In 2018 alone, our philanthropic efforts exceeded $1 Million! In continuing with our efforts of sustaining partnerships, we take special notice to those Non-Profit Members who choose to do business with us.


We know you have many choices for your financial institution and we don’t take it for granted when you choose Notre Dame FCU. In the same way that you commit to us, we will make a commitment to YOU – the same person that opens your account will likely service your account. If a question or new need arises, the “buck stops here.” We are able to adapt and pivot quickly to meet our business and non-profit Members’ needs.


One last question…how much of your “business” should your business banking account be? Well, this is where we shine! The Business Services and Development Team at Notre Dame FCU understands your business is producing, serving or perpetuating your mission. You will see this through not having to read through endless disclosures, haggle with your banker, or network through a labyrinth of bureaucracy to resolve issues. Saving time to keep your energy where it’s needed most.

If you already have a business, non-profit, or even personal relationship with Notre Dame FCU, THANK YOU! If you are considering opening an account or moving your relationship, do not hesitate to contact us. We would love the opportunity to learn about you, your business and/or your non-profit. Give us the chance to show you how Notre Dame Federal Credit Union can truly be your Partner.

Matt Kaiser. Director of Business Services. Notre Dame FCU
Mario Elia. Senior Manager of Business Development. Notre Dame FCU
Bank Jun 28, 2021

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