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Investing in the Future

Posted on Apr 4, 2023

Andrean High School opened their Notre Dame Federal Credit Union account in 2020. As a mission-driven educational institution, Andrean is a large part of the Lake County community at the pinnacle of college preparatory education. As a mission-driven financial institution, Notre Dame Federal Credit Union and Andrean share common values which cultivate a seamless partnership.

Notre Dame Federal Credit Union believes in providing resources, honest advice, and financial education, while Andrean is dedicated to faith, learning, leadership, and service. Both institutions strive to make a lasting impact on their communities.

Andrean High School Principal Jaycob Knazur considers Notre Dame Federal Credit Union a wonderful partner and an asset in helping Andrean build a future filled with greater financial solvency while providing philanthropic support throughout the community.

“I would recommend Notre Dame Federal Credit Union’s services to any organization with interest in a community partner, someone interested in the faith, and someone interested in ensuring success for your institution and your constituents.” – Jaycob Knazur, Andrean High School Principal

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