Apollo 11 Engineer, Member for Life

Posted on Dec 29, 2022

Jack Benchik is both a veteran of war and a veteran of Notre Dame Federal Credit Union. As an Engineer Captain in the United States Army, Jack was deployed overseas in 1964. After receiving his discharge orders in 1978, Jack bought a home in South Bend and became a Member-Owner at Notre Dame FCU.

In addition to serving his country overseas, Jack was an integral part of the space race. He was part of the engineering team that developed the landing feet for NASA’s Apollo 11 moon landing module in 1969.

Following years of honorable service to his country, Notre Dame Federal Credit Union is proud to say we’ve been serving Jack each day for the last 44 years.

“I fully believe I made the right decision to stick with Notre Dame Federal Credit Union, and I will remain with them until the day I die.”

General Dec 29, 2022

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