Annual Meeting 2023

Posted on Aug 29, 2023

On September 19, 2023, the Annual Meeting of Notre Dame FCU will take place at 5:30 p.m. in the Hesburgh Library: Collaboration Hub Seminar Room #235 (2nd floor) on the University of Notre Dame campus. At that time, the election of three members of the Board of Directors will be conducted. No nominations will be accepted from the floor at the meeting unless there are fewer nominees than vacancies on the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors’ Nominating Committee has recommended the following persons to fill the vacancies on the board, with their biographies included below:

– Pastor Hardie Blake, Jr. (three-year term)
– David H. Brenner (three-year term)
– Stephanie M. Cerney (three-year term)

Included with this notice are certain biographical information and the qualifications of these persons who have been recommended by the Nominating Committee of the Board of Directors.

Further nominations for vacancies on the Board of Directors may be made by petition signed by at least one percent (1%), but not more than 626 of the members of the Credit Union. As of December 31, 2022, there are 62,633 members of the Credit Union, so any nominating petition would require 626 signatures of members (primary members, not co-owners on joint accounts) of the Credit Union. Such petitions shall include the name, address, telephone number, biographical data, and qualifications of the person nominated, as well as a signed certificate from any person to be nominated indicating this person’s willingness to be nominated and to serve on the Board if elected. Furthermore, any such person will have to sign a written authorization to permit a credit check by the Credit Union.

Any nominating petitions along with the biographical information shall be filed with the Secretary of the Credit Union no later than 40 days prior to the meeting at which the election will be held. Accordingly, such petition shall be filed no later than the tenth day of August.

The biographical information and the qualifications of any individual who is nominated by petition will be available for review at the Credit Union 35 days prior to the meeting. The election will be by a plurality of all members present and voting, and shall be by written ballot unless the number of nominees is equal to the number of vacancies to be filled by the election.

If the number of nominees is equal to the number of vacancies to be filled, the Chair may take a voice vote or may declare each nominee elected by general consent or acclamation.

Katharine Williams

Pastor Hardie Blake, Jr.
Pastor Hardie Blake has been an active member of the community for many years. Blake has given of himself consistently and reached out to many over the years. He can always be seen extending a helping hand, especially to young African American men to help them build self-esteem, set goals, build integrity, assist in finding employment, counsel them in areas of substance abuse, and more.

Blake participates in community programs that address the issues facing our youth, including Project Impact-South Bend, Ark Angels, Mamas Against Violence, and Concerned Black Men. He established an outreach program named “Men of Scars,” focusing on young men whose lives have been scarred by problems in the home, in school, or with the law. Blake ultimately hopes to assist these young men through grants and other funding to provide transformative assistance through mentoring, counseling, employment, and life skills training in hopes that transformed lives will transform the community.

Blake serves as the pastor at Ardmore Church of Christ. He and his wife, Perl, have owned Bethel Business Machines for over 40 years. He is revered throughout the community for his steadfast commitment to mentoring the local youth, consistently volunteering his spare time and inspiring hope throughout his community in his mentorship role.

David H. Brenner
David Brenner is the former Executive Director of Innovation Park at Notre Dame. Founded in 2009, Innovation Park has become a significant contributor to the creation of a dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem at the University of Notre Dame, cultivating innovations emerging from university research into marketable new ventures. Over 75 new companies have been established since 2010, with over $55 million raised in equity investment.

An accomplished executive, Brenner has over 35 years of experience in Fortune 100 companies and was directly responsible for leading new business activities through internal development, acquisitions, or start-ups.

He founded IdeaWorks LLC, a venture accelerator in Grand Rapids, MI, and previously served as senior vice president for Amway Corporation in global market development and as founder and president of Amway Ventures, Inc.

His professional experience includes executive positions at Kellogg’s in both the United States and Europe, as well as senior business development roles at Johnson & Johnson and Procter & Gamble.
Brenner has been active with the Gigot Center for Entrepreneurial Studies in the Mendoza College of Business and is a former member of its advisory board. He was previously a member of the Irish Angels Board of Directors, an angel investor group dedicated to supporting new ND-DNA ventures.

Brenner is the former chairman of the Michigan Great Lakes Entrepreneurs Quest business plan competition, a co-founder of the Western Michigan chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth, and serves on several boards, including the Edison Innovation Awards and Notre Dame Federal Credit Union. He is a board member of Middleburg Capital Development in Middleburg, VA, and is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame.

Stephanie M. Cerney
Stephanie Cerney leads Crowe’s audit methodology group, an internal team that serves Crowe’s auditors by developing and maintaining audit manuals, work papers, and guidance across all industries and assurance services.

For 17 years, Cerney led the management and service delivery of audit engagements and consulting matters for primarily not-for-profit entities. She works closely with boards of directors, client personnel, and engagement teams in planning, supervision of engagement staff and review of work papers, and financial reporting matters to perform efficient and effective audits. Cerney was recognized by Crowe as a Client Experience Ambassador for the high level of satisfaction Stephanie’s clients have with her service.

Cerney is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants as well as the Indiana Society of Certified Public Accountants. She graduated from the University of Notre Dame with both a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and a Master of Science in Accountancy.

Cerney is engaged in the community, serving as the Treasurer of the Board for the Boys and Girls Club of Michiana and enFocus. She is a committee member at Notre Dame Federal Credit Union and Girls on the Run-Michiana, as well as a member of the Leadership South Bend – Mishawaka Class of 2014.

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