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All You Need To Know About Remote Deposit Capture

Posted on May 8, 2023

In today’s age where you can order just about anything from your mobile phone — a new pair of shoes, a dining room table, even tickets to a Caribbean cruise — it only makes sense that you can check your account balance, transfer funds, and handle all your banking needs from the palm of your hand.

One of the most convenient features of mobile banking is remote deposit capture (RDC), or in simple terms, depositing checks from your mobile device. All it takes to deposit a check and save a trip to the branch is a few minutes of your time and a phone with internet access.

What is remote deposit capture?

Remote deposit capture is a way to deposit checks into your account using your smartphone or another mobile device with internet access. You can be practically anywhere in the world and make your deposit at any time.

The process is remarkably simple with Notre Dame FCU: just sign into your mobile account and prepare your check for deposit. Tap the “Deposit” icon and enroll in mobile check deposit. If you are not already enrolled it may take up to one business day to complete enrollment. Once enrolled, your phone will guide you through snapping a picture of both the front and back of the check and verifying the amount. After confirming everything is correct, your check will be submitted and deposited into your account.

The benefits of remote check capture

It’s more than just another errand crossed off your list. Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy by using RDC:

1. Convenience. You’re not bound by regular business hours. Make deposits anywhere, any time.

2. Speed. Your check generally clears faster through a mobile deposit than it will through an ATM deposit. You’ll also receive instant confirmation that your check has been submitted.

3. Accuracy. The process of submitting a check via RDC ensures there are no errors. You’ll be asked to confirm the check amount after character recognition software scours the submitted image.

Some facts you may not know about remote deposit capture

A. Deposit limits. For your safety, most financial institutions put a cap on how much you can deposit at one time.

B. Bounced checks. Just as a confirmed check deposit can bounce several days later, a mobile deposit can also be returned for the same reason.

C. Holds on checks. While you can make your deposit at any time, checks deposited after certain hours may be placed on hold until the next business day. We will then complete the deposit and make your funds available to you.

But is it safe?

If you’re worried about sending a personal check through the airwaves, you can rest easy. We take multiple precautions for ensuring your personal information is protected throughout the RDC process.

First, no one can sign into your mobile account without two-factor authentication. Always make sure to use strong, unique passwords and never allow your phone to “remember” the PINs and passwords to your account.

Second, our mobile app does not store your check images in your phone. As soon as your check has been submitted, the image is erased from your mobile device.

Finally, if an error occurs with your check deposit, you’ll always have the physical check to deposit if necessary.

It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s safe. Best of all, you can cut down on your errand list by depositing checks at your convenience. Visit our Mobile Banking page to learn more and try it today!

Bank May 08, 2023

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