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Winter 2019 Newsletter

Dear Fellow Member-Owners,

Happy New Year! I hope you had a joy-filled holiday season surrounded by your loved ones. As we enter the new year, I would like to remind you how thankful both I and the entire Notre Dame Federal Credit Union staff are to serve you each year.

Notre Dame Federal Credit Union Announces New Hires

Notre Dame, IN – Notre Dame Federal Credit Union (Notre Dame FCU) is excited to announce the following new hires: Alex Gorman, IT Manager, Michael R. Lobeck, Private member Group Investment Advisor and Clay Pyfer, Private Member Group Private Banker

Notre Dame Federal Credit Union Raises Minimum Wage to $15/Hr

NOTRE DAME, IN - Notre Dame Federal Credit Union (Notre Dame FCU) announced today it will increase the minimum wage paid to partners (employees) for the third year in a row. Effective February 2019, the credit union’s minimum wage will increase from $14/hr to $15/hr. The wage increase will impact approximately twenty-five percent of Notre Dame FCU’s workforce.

Notre Dame Federal Credit Union Donates $10,000 In USC Charity Challenge Winnings to Kelly Cares Foundation

Notre Dame, IN - Last month, Notre Dame Federal Credit Union (Notre Dame FCU) beat the USC Credit Union in the 6th annual credit union charity challenge. Each year, as the University of Notre Dame football team prepares to play the University of Southern California, their like-named credit unions also compete off the field in a goodwill charity challenge. Each credit union put $5,000 on the line. The credit union that opens the most new checking accounts donates the full $10,000 to the charity of their choice.

Pathways December 2018

In this issue of Pathways: GreenPath newsletter:

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  • A Budget Plan for a Healthy, Happy You
  • No Spend November - A Recap
  • Webinar Wednesdays for November
  • December 19, Noon ET - Remixing the American Holidays so they Work for Everyone

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