Debt is a Thief! Take Back Your Life!


This class will show you how to get rid of debt, manage your money, spend and save wisely, and more! Enroll today!

SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER: the first 10 qualified attendees to sign up will be eligible to have the class fee reimbursed by Notre Dame FCU!*



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Project Impact
809 Lincoln Way West
South Bend, IN 46616



spouses/partners may share materials, so both may attend for the price of one 




*Will be provided to the first 10 attendees to enroll. Attendees must be Notre Dame FCU members who use the credit union as their primary financial institution. This is defined as having Direct Deposit of net payroll or retirement income into a share draft checking account. If you are opening an account or setting up direct deposit to meet this requirement, please note that the direct deposit must post to your account by the date of the last class. Many companies ask you to allow up to 4 weeks to redirect a direct deposit, so you will need to start this process right away. You must not miss more than one class to be reimbursed. No make-ups. No exceptions. You must purchase the materials from Notre Dame Federal Credit Union. The person attending the class must meet the membership and direct deposit criteria. Reimbursement will be made to them, even if someone else has paid for the class. The member is responsible for signing and submitting the form by the end of class and providing the member number associated with the direct deposit. Direct Deposit of the reimbursement will occur within two weeks of the last class date.