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Founded in 1941, Notre Dame FCU has grown from its origins in the Admin Building at the University of Notre Dame. Today, we serve over 850 groups in all 50 states.

Your Financial Resolutions

Eac h January is a new beginning into the new year. I think the idea of starting over resonates when you think about beginnings. It's why resolutions are so common at this time of year. You may find yourself thinking back over the past year and thinking of everything you may want to do differently in 2014. Here are some financial resolutions to get you started.

Create a Budget - I know what you're thinking; create a budget is an obvious place to start. It absolutely is! The best way to institute your new financial plan for the new year is to actually have a plan. A

Getting Fit in a Financially Fit Way

It's 2014 and like many others, your New Year's Resolutions is to lose weight and get healthy. It sounds great and looks even better on paper, but when you start pricing gym memberships, health food programs and protein shakes, you realize that your goal may have been too lofty. Before the self-doubt kicks in, there are many ways to stay healthy and get fit without blowing your budget!

Gym memberships are wonderful and although they have a ton of equipment to utilize, there are many activities you can do from the comfort of your own home that have the same fitness results. Getting

Is a Bachelor's Degree Worth It?

With winter almost upon us, and our hibernation begins until spring, many may be wondering is all this studying and work worth completing a bachelor's degree?

Well, here are seven points, from Marcelina Hardy, to consider when those doubts come creeping in!

Benefit #1: Higher Earning Potential

Benefit #2: Lower Blood Pressure and Stress

Benefit #3: Healthier Lifestyle Choices

Benefit #4: Employer-Provided Health Care Coverage

Benefit #5: Job Satisfaction

5 Worst Money Moves to Make

We just kicked off the latest installment of Dave Ramsey’s Core Financial Wellness classes. In honor of Dave’s teachings, we’ve compiled what Dave preaches as some of the biggest hindrances to achieving financial wellness.

1. Spending Without a Budget

One of the principles for achieving financial wellness, according to Dave, is telling your money where to go instead of asking where it went. That basically means to set up a budget and determine your limits for each category, and stick to it. You can spend money on whatever you want, as long as all of your

3 Tips to Save Big on Tailgating

Notre Dame’s first football game of the season is right around the corner. For hardcore fans, it doesn’t matter if they’ve long left campus – ND football is serious business. Showing your Irish pride on game day can also cause you a serious hit on your budget. Check out our tips below on how to save on tailgating, plus learn about how you could win some awesome football-related prizes from Notre Dame FCU!

Make it a Team Effort

It’s doubtful that you’re the only one looking to not blow your budget on game day. Ask around and get as many of your fellow Irish fans

Finance Tips for New College Students - Part 2

As you incoming freshmen are making your way onto campus, you may be bombarded with new information and experiences you have to process. As Mom and Dad drop you off at campus and leave you on your own, the independence you have may finally sink in: you are responsible for yourself, especially financially. Your parents won’t be in the next room to ask for a quick few bucks and unfortunately, they also won’t be able to fix your credit report in the future if you make any major financial blunders as a young college student. Managing your money isn’t as difficult or time-consuming (or boring

Notre Dame FCU: Douglas Branch Rerouting

Due to the rerouting of Douglas Road, while our physical branch location has not changed, the street address of our Main Office has changed to the corner of Moreau and St. Joseph Drive. Please refer to the map below for more detail:

Whole Foods Market Mishawaka

Whole Foods Market is the world’s leading natural and organic foods supermarket. They have high quality standards, great customer service, knowledgeable staff and support of our community and environment. Located on the corner of Grape and Day road in Mishawaka they are just a few miles from downtown, The University of Notre Dame, Bethel College and IUSB.

If you are looking for something great to prepare or looking for inspiration they also have thousands of special recipes on their recipe page .

4230 Grape Road Mishawaka