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Founded in 1941, Notre Dame FCU has grown from its origins in the Admin Building at the University of Notre Dame. Today, we serve over 850 groups in all 50 states.

6 Tips to Raise Your Credit Score

Use these 6 ways to raise your credit score.

1. Dispute Errors Dispute errors online through Equifax , Transunion and Experian .

2. Get a Credit Card Responsibly using a credit card will increase your score.

3. Under-use Your Card Limit You should only use 30% of your available credit each month.

4. Don't Close Your Oldest Credit Card Part of your credit score is based on credit history length. Canceling your oldest card will shorten

Prep Your Finances for Success in 2016

With 2016 just around the corner, many people will make resolutions to manage their personal finances better. Whether that means saving more, or setting up a personal budget, the suggestions can get overwhelming.

Here are four easy personal finance goals, for you to consider, to start the New Year on the right path:

1. Set up a money management system that works for you

Different systems work well for different folks, but here are a few ideas:

• Write down your income and all of your monthly expenses. Look for opportunities to trim

Honoring America's Veterans: Kelly Cicotte

Kelly is just beginning her journey in service. Currently a teller at our Moreau Branch, Kelly has joined the United States Air Force and will begin boot camp in January. With a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Science from Grand Valley State University, she is focused on becoming a doctor or pilot. We are proud to have her as a partner here at Notre Dame FCU and we are thankful for her dedication to serving this country.

Honoring America's Veterans: Frank Grabner

Frank Grabner joined the United States Navy on June 29, 1942 and completed his boot camp in Great Lakes, IL. After boot camp Frank went to Evansville, IN to pick up a brand new Naval Ship which they took down the Mississippi into the Atlantic Ocean. Frank went on to training at Little Creek Virginia base. Once his training was complete he went on to Norfolk, Virginia and from there sailed to North Africa to pick up supplies and troops.

Once they left North Africa they continued on to Normandy, France to support the main Allied Invasion of Nazi Europe. Upon arrival in Normandy,

Identity Theft - DETER, DETECT, and DEFEND

The best defense to mitigate Identity Theft is to reduce your likelihood of becoming a victim. Identity Theft occurs when someone assumes your identity and commits fraud in your name. Often these criminals go undetected until such time you apply for a new loan or seek a new job.

According to Allied Solutions, the best advice to reduce the risk of Identity Theft is to DETER, DETECT, and DEFEND:

DETER: Safeguard your information

Shred, preferably cross-out shred, financial documents before discarding them; Protect your Social