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Founded in 1941, Notre Dame FCU has grown from its origins in the Admin Building at the University of Notre Dame. Today, we serve over 850 groups in all 50 states.

Affordable Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is just two days away and you don’t have a gift for your dear mom yet. Whether you’re a chronic last minute gift shopper, or you just plain forgot the date, don’t worry-there’s still hope for you to get Mom a fabulous and thoughtful gift that isn’t overpriced and impersonal. And no, it doesn’t require paying an outrageous markup price for the last, slightly withered bouquet of flowers.

Put on your chef hat!

Getting into a restaurant with no reservation on Mother’s Day may be next to impossible, depending on the restaurant and the time of day

Preparing for a Mortgage

What a wonderful time to be purchasing a home or refinancing your existing mortgage! There are an abundance of homes available for sale and interest rates are at an all time low - what could be better? The process of getting a mortgage may seem complicated and a bit overwhelming, but if you arm yourself with some knowledge and make sure you’re prepared, it can be simple and painless!

Get Your Documentation in Order

Any time you apply for financing, there is documentation that is required. Any missing piece, no matter how small, can hold up the process, so

5 Ways to Go Green for Cheap

Happy Earth Day! If there’s ever a time of year that saving the environment should be on your mind, it’s today. Oftentimes, advice on “going green” involves large (or pricey!) gestures, such as switching to a hybrid car, purchasing all organic food, or installing energy-efficient appliances. While these are tremendous ways to help the environment, they aren’t exactly easy on your wallet. Don’t fret or give up on your quest to save the planet! You can go green without spending all of the hard-earned green in your pocket:

1. Make some easy household

3 Keys to Getting a Job in This Tough Market

Unemployment: a word that scares most people. In today’s job market, the fear is real. I just had lunch with a former colleague who is searching for a position in our Michiana area and he relayed how hard it is to land something. However, he is getting interviews, so employers obviously are starting to be on the lookout for new employees! But how do you ensure that you are the applicant who is chosen?

In listening to many job applicants and to friends who are trying to secure employment, there are three key themes that keep emerging. These can be the difference between your resume

Welcome to Notre Dame Federal Credit Union's Blog!

Notre Dame Federal Credit Union is very excited to announce we are joining the blogosphere! As a credit union, one of our main priorities is to meet all of the needs of our members, who are also shareholders of the organization. Our blog will serve as a source of free financial information and advice for anyone who needs it.

We know the economy pulled the rug out from under many of us financially. One positive aspect that many have reported is an increased attention and interest in financial advice and guidance. Gone are the carefree days of living in the moment and spending as if