Stayin Sharp with Evan Sharpley. Fallout after blowout to Michigan

Fallout after blowout to Michigan

So, Notre Dame got demolished by Michigan, eh. Notre Dame v. Virginia Tech hasn’t been the topic this week; the focus has been on the big egg Notre Dame laid in Ann Arbor with their 45-14 loss.

Kirk Herbstreit Tweeted this after Saturday’s game:

”Can’t decide if I was more impressed by Michigan or more disappointed in Notre Dame and their lack of competitive spirit! UM has become a different team in the last 6 quarters and will be dangerous for anyone they play. ND??? Not even sure what to say.”

So, I will ask YOU this: did you come away from the game more impressed with Michigan or more disappointed in Notre Dame? Easy question. Disappointed.

Brian Kelly said Monday that if Notre Dame wins the month of November, the noise will change and “all will be happy”. And with that, I SELL! Ain’t none of you happy. No one will be happy either way. Irish fans are miserable most every year. Tell me I am wrong? It’s Fire Kelly, Bench Book, so why not just cancel the season? Or the program? Just kidding.

And this now takes us to the QBs, specifically Ian Book. That’s where the bulk of the discussion has been and I am not sure why. Did he suck? Yes. Was it all his fault. Nope. Book had the worst game of his career. He was 8 of 25 for 73 yards 32% and a QB Rating of 69.7 which were all career-lows. Why aren’t we talking about the OL, and the inability to run the ball? Why? Should we bench the whole OL and all the RBs? They were bad too. So now you have a team that has to be one dimensional, is down big and everyone is upset because Book had that to go up against. Give me a break! His previous career lows in completion percentage, yards, and QB rating were all set just one game prior against USC where he was 17 for 32, 165 yds, 53%, and QBR of 106.7. So far this year, Book has thrown for 1,492 yards, 15 TD passes and 2 Int with completion percentage of 59% overall this season. A couple other stats for note:

85 of 152, 55%, 5 TD/2 Int vs. The five Power-5 schools this season

31 of 44, 70%, 10 TD 0 Int vs. NM and BG

So, when you look at Ian Book, not just against Michigan but overall, what do you see going wrong? Well, against UM it was raining and windy. How’d Patterson do? Welp, UM ran for 300 yards. From a broad picture, he doesn’t look comfortable at all and not in rhythm, and doesn’t trust his OL at all. Confidence low. Have we seen Ian Book’s ceiling? Yea, and what was wrong with it? It got ND to the playoffs last year. Do that! He was very successful last year, completing 70% of his passes with 19 TD and 6 Int in 9 starts. Is it fair to say that as defensive coordinators have had more film to go on they’ve taken away what were his strengths last year and he has not been able to adjust? No. DCs are not the problem!

With five games left in the season, do you think Ian Book should still be the starter? Why the heck wouldn’t he start? We don’t know what Jurkovec looks like other than seeing him at the end of a couple blowouts this year. Based on the track record Brian Kelly has with QB in his 10 years at ND, do YOU think we would have seen more of Jurkovec by now if Kelly thought he was close to ready? The answer is unanimously yes! Should Jurkovec should see some kind of meaningful reps in the last five games of the season? I suppose it makes sense. Afterall, ND can’t win a conference championship. So in the scope of development, yes it would make sense.

Last topic before getting to our prop bets for the Va. Tech game. There’s a national talking head, who’s name I won’t mention, that says Notre Dame needs to hire Urban Meyer. There are a lot of fans saying the same thing. Let’s say Kelly decided after this season that he’s done coaching and will retire. Do you think Notre Dame would or should entertain Urban Meyer as a candidate for the job? This is such a dumb Q. First, why would Kelly leave? He ain’t getting fired. And also, why in the world would Meyer want to come to ND? Makes no sense.

Fast Four Prop Bets versus Va. Tech:

O/U 1.0 snap for Phil Jurkovec: Over

O/U 1.5 touchdown passes for Ian Book: Over

O/U Will Notre Dame score more than 30 points: Over

O/U 300 total yards of offense for the Hokies: Under


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