Stayin Sharp with Evan Sharpley. The quarantine chronicles: part 1

The Quarantine Chronicles: Part 1

So, here we are ladies and gents. Trying times in the world right now with the COVID-19 pandemic. IF you’re smart, you’ve done your best to self-quarantine to limit the spread of the virus and flatten the curve. I, myself, have been doing so for nearly 3 weeks. The first week was a piece of cake, but as the time as gone on cabin fever certainly has set in. My wife and 2-year old are experiencing the same feelings, although we are being as creative as possible. My wife, Jackie, is the host of a lifestyle here in the South Bend/Michiana area called HomeTown Living. Since quarantine, all her content has been created in her at-home “studio.” Meanwhile, I am tasked with entertaining a toddler and attempting to keep her somewhat quiet during Jackie’s filming. Shameless plug, check out my wife here: for fun contests and updates during this strange times. During “normal” times, her show airs on WSBT22 from 9-10a Monday through Friday.

Who has seen the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray? That is kind of the feeling right now isn’t it? I wake up between 5:30-6:30a everyday based on when the little decides to make her appearance by saying “the sun is peeking,” and “I want to go downstairs.” Ha. The two of us make our way to the kitchen for breakfast. While mine consists of a black coffee only, my little Lucy goes to town on waffles, cereal, toast and PB, yogurt, and the like. While Jackie records spots and interviews for her show from 8a-Noon, I am knee deep in coloring books, hotwheels, LEGOS, LeapFrog, soccer, lightsaber battles, and watching shows like Llama Llama, Cat and the Hat, and Masha Bear. Oh, and Lucy and I workout together, too. If YOU are in need of a workout, check out Sharpley Training’s instagram here: for free daily workouts. Lunchtime is more of the same for our growing toddler; usually mini-pizza, hotdogs, or chicken nuggets. Then begins the naptime routine, and for dad that means a couple hours of unplugging (or napping). The evening is hit or miss depending on Lucy’s mood. If she comes out of nap happy, then we run around, play rough house, or go outside if it’s nice. If she has BIG feelings, it’s tons of snuggles and MORE LLama. After dinner, we take a bath, read books, and sing Amazing Grace. At this point, count me in for Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+ until I inadvertently pass out. If I am able to generate additional focus and attention, I work on my golf short game and make 50 putts. Ha. At the Sharpley house, and I am sure it’s happening everywhere else, too, no one knows what day it is…

On Friday’s I still host a sports talk radio show on WSBT. If you’d like to listen, check us out here:

How about a quick rundown in the sport’s world, pop culture, and FOOD? Check it:

Notre Dame Football

Brian Kelly was on Budweiser’s Weekday Sportsbeat this week with my guys Darin Pritchett and Eric Hansen...and one of his comments caused quite a stir. BK took exception with ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit saying he would be “shocked” if college football is played this season. The interview started with Darin asking BK what his message would be to ND fans who want to see college football played this’s the full answer...


First, everyone needs to chill out about this. I know we are all self quarantining so the fuse is prob short, but my goodness. Neither guy knows. Both are simply giving an opinion. Who is to say right now?

We have some Vegas Betting Lines for Notre Dame for the upcoming season. So which way are you picking in each of these games?

ND is -16 vs Arkansas

Arkansas was 2-10 last year...their first four losses were relatively close...they lost by an average of about a TD a game...but their last 6 were by an average of more than 30 a I’ll take Notre Dame at -16 (IRISH)

ND + 5.5 vs Clemson

What’s the state of Notre Dame’s secondary going to look like once November rolls around? Will Shaun Crawford be healthy all year...will Kyle Hamilton and Houston Griffith play near the same level as Gilman and Elliott in tandem...and how does OSU transfer Isaiah Pryor factor...all questions that’ll need to be answered to avoid what we saw in the CFP semis vs. Trevor Lawrence and Co...for now I’m taking Clemson (CLEMSON)

ND -10 vs Stanford

Notre Dame won by 3 TDs at Stanford to close last season...They’re going the wrong direction...and big questions at QB after KJ Costello’s transfer...I’ll take the Irish (IRISH)

ND -13.5 vs Navy

Notre Dame won by 40 points the last time they opened the season against I’ll take them again... (IRISH)

ND +2.5 vs Wisconsin

Wisconsin rushed for over 200 yards in 8 of their 14 games last season...but they lose Jonathon Taylor...and some key offensive linemen...they’ll plug some new guys in...but I like the Badgers here... (WISCO)

NCAA Decision on Spring Sport Athletes

The NCAA Division One Council voted this week to give all spring sport athletes another year of eligibility.

  • Whether an athlete is able to return will largely depend on the decisions by universities, which will determine how much scholarship aid to offer and whether to apply for an individual to receive an NCAA waiver allowing an additional season. For example, a college could allow an athlete’s eligibility to be restored on the condition that the athlete pay some or all of the cost of attendance.
  • Scholarship restrictions will be eased to permit schools to cover returning seniors while accommodating incoming freshmen and transfers. Baseball rosters, for instance, are restricted to 35 players, but any senior who returns will not be counted against that limit.
  • Some schools may not be able to offer spots on their roster....the NCAA sent out money to conferences last week....the money was nearly two-thirds below what was expected.
  • So...Next year...a team would theoretically have two senior classes...a junior and sophomore class...and two freshmen classes...
  • The next year they would have a freshman class...two sophomore classes...and a junior and senior class…

Is that feasible? It won’t be easy for anyone. Players and coaches… Would you foresee more transfers taking place over the next few years as a result? Yes, and with conferences pushing for more leniency for one year transfers, it would make sense to use it for a more favorable location...


Agent Scott Boras says MLB should push the start of the season as long as possible...and play the postseason in neutral site domes and warm weather cities...and he says the World Series should be on Christmas. Do you Buy or Sell that idea?

BUY. What’s the rush?

  • I think we’re definitely going to see baseball going into late if that happens...they’re probably going to need neutral sites...unless you get two warm weather teams or domed teams playing each other in the World Series...
  • So Dodgers—Astros worked out a couple years ago...but the last time there were two warm weather teams was 02 Angels vs. Giants...
  • A neutral site WS was brought up a few years ago...and most weren’t for it...because I think a team’s base of fans are needed...and it’s much harder to pull off for a 7-game series... (But IF travel is still iffy, it won’t matter…)
  • If they’re going to do can’t just be a cold weather team playing off site if they’re matched up with a warm weather team...
  • It needs to be TRUE neutral site...
  • I’m not really sure about going all the way to christmas either...because then that means that all these teams are traveling for every round of the playoffs...and they’re playing everything on neutral sites...
  • I don’t see fan bases making that many trips for all these games and series...
  • I think baseball on Christmas gets some TV ratings....because there’s a football lull...
  • But I think all the extra travel offsets the benefits of that...

Pop Culture

Tiger King – Streaming on Netflix

  • What in the...? Unreal isn’t it. Have you seen it?
  • How many sitting did it take you to watch it? For me? One sitting. Ha.
  • Carole Baskin – Did she? Yes, or knows more than she lets on...
  • Is there ONE sympathetic figure in the whole show? Saff is my take.
  • Anything that shocked you most? MOST. The whole thing is…

Ozark (also on Netflix)

  • I just binged the whole season. WAIT.TILL.THE.END.

Obviously we can’t go and sit down at restaurants currenty, but PLEASE support spots. Here are a couple of my favs:

Yes, I like beer.

Welp, that’s about all I’ve got for now. Remember, check out my wife’s show HomeTown living, tune into 96.1 WSBT on Friday’s from 12-1p to hear me and Sean Stires, and follow Sharpley Training on Instagram for free daily workouts. Be safe, wash your hands, and STAY SHARP!


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